About this brand

Evolve Beauty is founded in London by award-winning entrepreneur Laura Rudoe, who has also developed the products. Laura was inspired to create her own natural beauty products after helping to create the internationally recognized brand NUDE.


Based on her half-Romanian origin, where natural skin care is a lifestyle, as well as her interest in well-being and nutrition, Laura had a vision of a product line that would make it just a little easier to live healthy and green in everyday life.


The passion for the best of what nature has to offer has brought her as far as the Amazon rainforest to search for superfoods and natural, active substances.


Laura carefully examines each ingredient that enters the products and she mixes the essential oil-based scents personally and by hand.


In addition, Evolve adheres to strict ingredient rules to ensure that the products contain no harmful substances, and that they are as natural and organic as possible.


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