About this brand

ærlig (honest) is a Danish perfume brand, with local production in Denmark, without any of the 26 allergens, which according to EU requirements must be mentioned in the content declaration (the INCI list) if they are found in the product. This is because customers suffering from allergy should be able to avoid them. However, in many conventional products, the 26 allergens can easily be found if they are below a certain limit. That’s why the founder of ærlig, Lis Hansen, wants to be honest about her products and completely disregard the 26 allergens. She has a hope that many customers, who cannot use perfumes with the 26 allergens, will then be able to use ærlig.


“Why do you have to use something you don’t even need?” – says Lis about the basic idea of ærlig, which is 90% natural and organic. In addition to the fact that the perfumes do not contain the 26 allergens, they have been dermatologically tested and approved. Furthermore, they do not leave pigment spots on the skin, when used in the sun.


“How can I do even better? Perfumes can easily smell good without the 26 allergens” That’s what Lis thought – and the whole adventure started, leading up to the production of P1, P2 and P3.


The three eau de perfumes are called P1, P2 and P3, which stands for perfumes 1, 2 and 3.


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