Specialists in importing and selling world class organic beauty- and personal care products.


We expect the best from our suppliers, so you can expect the best from us. We are demanding when it comes to ingredients, manufacturing and – of course – the quality of the end products.


We welcome all safe, healthy and meaningful initiatives in organic and natural beauty care. At Plan Organic, ecology is an all natural course.


We only have one planet and we believe it’s worth paying attention to nature’s resources and the environment. Therefore, we make great demands on the suppliers and brands we are working with.


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When you buy a product from one of our brands, you can expect that they have gone through great lengths to find the finest plants, making the best extracts and mixing the most exclusive ingredients in the final product you end up using at home.


We think you should make demands in terms of the the products you buy. We think you should ask questions when you buy. Not just when it comes to beauty products, but in general. Only this way you can help – slowly, but safely – to push development in the right direction. And we, on the other hand, can guarantee you that our products can live up to your expectations. Because they are all made with a logical, pragmatic and no-nonsense approach – which is what an organic daily life should be all about!