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Why organic?


There are 100,000 man-made chemicals polluting our environment. 500 of these are thought to disrupt the hormones in our body. At least 300 have been found in our body tissues (including cancer-causing substances and hormone-disrupting chemicals).


It reduces toxic load


Pesticides are some of the most toxic chemicals found in our environment and many have been banned over the years. They have been linked to cancer, birth defects, immune and respiratory conditions. Organic farming standards don’t allow the use of any synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Instead, natural methods of pest and disease control are used e.g. well-designed crop rotations, encouraging natural predators, and developing good soil and healthy crops which have natural resistance to pests and diseases.


It provides more nutrients


Organic crops and herbs contain higher levels of nutrients*. Actives, cold pressed or essential oils extracted from them can therefore offer superior results to their non-organic counterparts.


It helps the environment


Pesticides affect wildlife and the environment by either direct poisoning, disrupting ecosystems or contaminating water. Organic farming on the other hand respects and encourages wildlife. Genetically modified crops and ingredients are banned.

Clean and clinically proven




We are an Ecocert approved manufacturer. Ecocert is a certification body for organic ingredients and products with very strict guidelines regarding the authenticity of the organic status of the ingredients. Organic standards cover a whole host of issues. These include animal welfare, energy efficiency, sustainability, fair trade, no child labour and farmer welfare. Organic ingredients also go through strict non GMO provisions.


Dermatologically tested


The objective of dermatological testing is to assess a product’s compatibility with the skin. This is achieved through controlled environment patch testing on a number of volunteers. Such tests are conducted under the supervision and evaluation of a medical dermatologist.


Ecocert approved preservatives


Using preservatives is necessary for product safety and maintaining effectiveness of its formula. Our products employ a combination of safe, natural and synthetic Ecocert approved preservatives such as organic Grapefruit Seed extract, organic Rye Alcohol (used in small quantities it does not irritate or dry the skin), Honeysuckle etc.

Performance driven organics


The Organic Pharmacy high-performing products are formulated to deliver instant and long term benefits.


Synergistic result of clinically proven bioactives


Our skincare incorporates traditional, innovative and clinically proven actives. From well studied cosmetic and food grade herbs such as St. John’s Wort, Calendula or Rose Hip, Floral and Aloe Waters and Master Antioxidants to cutting edge associations of rare extracts and proven skincare favourites in their most effective or enhanced forms e.g. triple Hyaluronic Acid.


Expertly formulated in our own laboratory using our cosmetic, homeopathic and herbal competence so that individual constituents of the formula complement and amplify each other’s performance for visible results.


Potency of raw materials


An extract from the same ingredient can come in different grades with varying levels of nutrients that influence its effectiveness. Many of the raw materials we use are food grade (suitable for consumption) and specifically made for us.


Expert extraction processes from fresh plants (e.g. maceration or supercritical extraction using CO2 ) increase the actives’ potency. The same tinctures we use in our medicinal herbs are also used at high concentrations in our topical products. Vitamins and cosmeceuticals from a natural source further enhance product activity.


We only source our ingredients from trusted suppliers. Different batches of such high concentrations of plant extracts can have slight variations in colour and smell—the result of sunlight, rainfall level etc. This is the beauty of organically sourced ingredients and does not affect products’ quality or performance.


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