Pronounced “solay too-jure”


“I created Soleil because I wanted people to rethink their relationship with the sun.”

“The inspiration for Soleil comes from my uncompromising belief that we can have it all – exceptional sun protection that rejuvenates and replenishes. Everyday is an opportunity to feed our passions, beginning with our sun care regime.


As a mother of three, I became increasingly aware of the harmful ingredients in sunscreens – parabens, oxybenzone, retinyl palmitate, to name a few. I was faced with two choices, either accept the chemicals, or succumb to white, chalky residue on my skin. I refused to accept either of those options and resolved to create something better.”


– Valerie McMurray


Founder + CEO



The brand that turns the sun from an enemy into a friend. The most luxurious, natural, beautiful-feeling suncare product available.




Is to erase the divide between luxury skincare and serious suncare, making protection from the the sun’s harmful rays a daily routine, not just a beach-day consideration.


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