Nãmaka Rituals is a Danish brand launched in 2021 with a clear mission to bring more well-being and balance into your daily skin care routine. The range consists of clean, efficient, and functional products at an accessible price range. The products are created to bring a little more wellness and pampering into your everyday life.


Beauty focused on well-being

It’s important to balance your chakras but in a busy everyday life it can often be a challenge. You may not have heard the term “chakra” before, but in short, the chakra stands for the 7 most important energy centers in our bodies. When they get out of balance, then our physical and mental health also gets out of balance. We believe that natural beauty must flourish from within, and with Nãmaka Rituals we will help you bring it forth. We are most beautiful when we are happy and in balance. The products are designed to give you self-pampering through relaxing wellness experiences from home.

A brand with you at the center

We want to take good care of your skin so for us it goes without saying that we only choose good and natural ingredients for our products. We are passionate about you and your health, which is why we make sure that all our products are quality assured before they reach your bathroom. With Nãmaka Rituals we want to make your beauty routines easier, more efficient, and more relaxing.


Rooted in Hawaiian mythology

In Hawaiian mythology, Nãmaka is a sea goddess, and with the sea as a symbol of life, renewal and reflection, the core of Nãmaka Rituals is encapsulated. The endless sea of gentle wavestrokes gives time for tranquility and contemplation – a feeling we want to recreate at your home.

With Nãmaka Rituals we will cherish your natural beauty and balance.



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