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Skincare-Powered Makeup

Performance driven. Effective. Safe. This is the heart of clean beauty.


We are carving out a new path in beauty, by balancing safety with product performance. We dare to ask how products are made and choose clean, effective ingredients that work. With roots in organic bases, vivid color, and active botanicals, it’s makeup infused with skincare. Being mindful that not every natural ingredient is good for the skin, nor is every synthetic bad. It usually requires a combination of both to achieve a truly exceptional product.


The Result? Beautiful products you can trust and that make your skin look and feel alive.

Beauty with Purpose

Rethink Natural


We sought out to create a beauty line that was transparent about all its ingredients. It had to have roots in natural and organic, be safe to use, look good and most importantly perform.

Beauty with Conscience

Rethink the process


We learned early on that in order to achieve exceptional performance and a clean ingredient list we needed to formulate from scratch. Each product is designed from the ground up with a mix of natural and organic botanics as a base and at times, safe synthetics to ensure the product goes above and beyond the expectations of natural.

Beauty with Intention



At ILIA, form is equal to function. We strive to ensure our packaging is beautiful and sustainable wherever possible, including the use of recycled aluminum, newly introduced glass components, and post-consumer recycled paper printed with vegetable-based dyes.

Beauty with Confidence



We don’t see clean beauty as a movement, but more as becoming the norm in the industry. This is about empowering you to ask questions and learn about what you are putting on your skin. It’s about finding a balance and building confidence in making informed decisions.

Meet Sasha Plavsic


Born in Vancouver and raised in a rural, ocean-side setting just outside the city, Sasha has always been close to nature. Her younger brother and now business partner, Zac, suffered from acute asthma and allergies as a young child. Her mother, a true pioneer in health and wellness at that time, sought out homeopathic remedies to help heal her son. This included co-founding an organic food co-op with several families in the area, as organic food did not yet exist in the grocery stores. Through trial and error, Zac was healed primarily through diet, and went on to compete in sailing in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. This was an amazing accomplishment, especially after the doctors had predicted he would never be able to play sports.


Sasha’s interests fell into design, studying Typography in London and New York. She found herself in Los Angeles in 2006 and spent several years working as a branding executive within the fashion and beauty industries. After moving home to Vancouver for a brief sabbatical, her mother encouraged her to read the ingredient list on her favorite lip balm. Sasha was shocked to discover many of the ingredients were not safe, and it’s something she used daily. The challenge was set – re-create her favorite lip balm so that it would be safe, effective and natural. And so the story of ILIA begins.


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