Working in the beauty industry for 15 years, with lots of the world’s most famous skincare brands, I recognised I had a skillset I could utilise.


Plus my husband is an excellent creative designer.


We created Faace at the same time as I became a mum. Despite being big on
beauty, all my good habits got bumped off the list.


What was out there, didn’t feel very realistic to what I would have the time for. This is why we wanted to give consumers a new, more simple, way to shop for their skin.


And, what makes us unique, is that at every stage, we’ve worked with a pool
of beauty experts to develop the concept. Journalists, bloggers, make-up artists, aromatherapists, scientists, designers – people I’ve worked with for over a decade.


This is a tested concept.”


Jasmine Wicks-Stephens – Founder

Here to change the skincare dialogue


We live in a straight talking ‘it is what it is’ society but somewhere along the way, skincare got complicated.

We started talking in types, age and ethnicities which led to skin segregation. Faace is here switch up the conversation, we’ve found a white space, giving consumers a new way to shop for skincare and provide a solution to skin that’s been disrupted by life.


Launched with a capsule collection of say-what-you-see masks – Period
faace, Tired faace and Sweaty faace – Faace is here to be prescriptive without the faff. Designed for skin in need of some TLC, to be used at the times when you can least be bothered to give it to it.

We have a mask and cleanser for every faace.

Period Faace

This is your faace if: your skin is unnecessarily shiny or super dry – or both. A rebalance is in order to allow you to step off the seesaw of temperamental skin and kick potential breakouts to the kerb.

Tired Faace

This is your faace if: your skin is dull, lacking in glow or radiance. It needs a reboot, a whole lot of hydration and some serious pepping up. Right now, you can barely crack a smile.

Sweaty Faace

This is your faace if: you feel like you’re constantly perspiring from workouts, work or weather changes. Rectify that hot and bothered feeling with a skin detox and keep it cool, calm and collected.

Menopause Faace

This is your faace if: your skin has started going off the rails. All of a sudden it’s thinner, weaker, more vulnerable and void of glow. It needs some back-up and support to get things fired up again.

Dirty Faace

You need this on your faace because: your skin is suffocating under a layer of make-up/pollution/SPF/stress/sweat or all of the aforementioned. You long for it to feel clean, light and soft as a feather.

Dull Faace

You need this on your faace because: it needs a ruddy good cleanse. Your pores are clogged, your skin feels rough and you can’t remember what glow looks like.


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