The selection of ingredients and the result of our formulations reflect our mantra: “Designed to Matter”.


We carefully select our ingredients based on raw material quality and documented properties that have a beneficial effect on either the health of the skin or the formulation of the product itself.


The desire to create effective products is our primary priority – of course without compromising on product safety, and without creating an unnecessary burden on our environment.



Based on beauty products

designed to solve specific skin problems, optimize skin health and provide increased well-being. We fuse active cosmetic ingredients and modern science to create products that create a visible and noticeable difference on your skin.

Efficiant, sensuous og sustainable

Our skin care and wellness products are based on ingredients sourced from ethically recognized suppliers from around the world. We produce locally on the west coast of Jutland, where our products are meticulously formulated using modern, evidence-based technology and many years of practical experience.

More than just external care

In our skin-caring universe you will also find uniquely blended teas that help nourish the body and skin from within, as well as skin-type-adapted dietary advice that guides you in tackling the root of your skin problems by nourishing the skin from within.

In other words

DMSK is created for you who wishes to do something extra for your skin and is willing to invest in long term and long-lasting results – without breaking your bank.


Contact us straight away. We look forward to hearing from you.