Our search for the most effective natural skincare ingredients has taken us to the extreme ends of the earth, where we have found high performance adaptogenic plants that thrive in stressful conditions.


Adaptology is a targeted range of skin solutions that help you adapt your skin biology to the challenges of modern living using adaptogens from extremophile plants that thrive and have evolved in the extremes of nature, such as deserts, oceans, rainforests, arctic and high altitudes.

We know that modern living is stressful, and our research shows it can be hard on skin. We have not had time to adapt to modern life stressors such as blue light, environmental damage and chronic stress.


Our extreme adaptogens have evolved in stressful environments and they can help you adapt your skin biology and build skin resilience to deliver your skin’s antidote to modern living.


Think of Adaptology as your skin-life support system.



Plants in extreme conditions, such as deserts, arctic, high altitudes, oceans, rainforests, adapt their biology to their environment and evolve bio correcting molecules to protect their cells and thrive.


When we use these bio correcting molecules on the skin, they protect cells from irritants, infection and environmental extremes.

They are proven problem-solvers for the stresses that cause the inflammation that underlies most problem & sensitive skin.


Founder of Adaptology


“At Adaptology, our mission is to help everyone to have beautifully healthy skin.”


I am Laura Rudoe, the creator of Adaptology. I suffered from skin problems for more than 15 years and was inspired to help create Adaptology to help others solve their skin problems and support them in their journey towards better skin health and greater skin confidence.


Adaptology was born from a real drive to create a more personalised ‘whole person’ approach to skincare, with a mission to empower people to understand their skin concerns and make knowledgeable choices to improve their skin and their health in the long run.


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