About this brand

Alluvian is a series of care products for men. Handcrafted soaps, beautiful retro packaging and absolutely no plastic are just a few examples of Alluvians superior expression and quality.


The products are manufactured in Illinois, USA. And there is no compromise on sustainability, commodity quality or detail.


Inspired by the big oceans and the virtues of the past in terms of respect for the daily personal care routines, the people of Alluvian have created a series of quality masterpieces in superior style and masculine radiance.


The range includes skin and beard care, such as delicious barber soaps, serums, oils and wax with fragrances that draw attention to nature’s elements. Algae, seaweed, herbs and exclusive, essential oils are the underlying building blocks of the series, which have already excited fans throughout most of the world.


For the man who has everything, this is the icing on the cake: With Alluvian daily routines will be a welcome moment of indulgence. 3-5 minutes of wellness experience, with wash, shave and grooming, which simply feels real and provides calmness and inner balance before you head out to face the challenges of your everyday life.


The Alluvian logo is, literally, an artistic representation of a water plant growing on an underwater base, consisting of geological elements. We wish to symbolize innovation, (no plastic and no synthetic substances) within sustainable personal care. With our focus on not using plastic, we wish to provide our modest contribution to a world without plastic.


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